About DopeWallArt.com


My name is Benjamin, and I’m a professional Graphic Designer in Toronto, Canada. I’m married to a Professional Photographer named Chris and together we run a boutique design and advertising studio, also in Toronto. 

Together, Chris and I created DopeWallArt.com because it recently occurred to us, as we looked around our home, that since we moved in together in 2005 finding wall art that we actually liked and could afford became a (very first-world) challenge. A lot of stuff that’s out there online for sale, is mass-produced and so oversaturated that everyone ends up with the same artwork. This results in owning and hanging artwork that you don’t particularly care about, or in some cases even like all that much. On the other hand, going to a gallery, falling in love with a piece and buying it, can set you back a small (or even large) fortune, an experience that isn’t within everyone’s reach.

Our aim was to build an art brand based on our own artwork that could be produced in a sustainable and affordable way that accessible to the average person, but unique enough that you’re going to be really proud of your new piece and you likely won’t end up with the same artwork as all of your friends.

Pieces are designed and produced to order – that means these no excess stock. Excess stock is bad for this kind of industry because it greatly diminishes the value of your art. It pollutes the market and inevitably the earth itself. We don’t see the point in producing large amounts of products no-one has ordered yet. Printing and framing the pieces per order also allows us to keep the product’s dynamic also.

We don’t carry designs forever so you don’t end up with the same artwork as your friends. In fact, we typically keep a piece alive for about fourteen months before pulling it forever. All pieces are on a different schedule so they change and update all the time. Once a piece is gone, it’s gone.

Chris and I are both open to commissioned work and collaborations.

If you have anything you want to see or would like to commission an original art piece or to suggest a collaboration. Contact us. We love getting emails.

– Benjamin